Network Traffic Monitor

Network Traffic Monitor

It is an excellent tool for all technical freaks and network Admins
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This is an excellent tool for all technical freaks and computer network related professionals. It is an amazing program named Network Traffic Monitor. Very quickly it informs its user about all the ongoing threads and processes on the client’s machine that cause or are responsible for the traffic generated on the network, the amount of traffic the processes are creating and the IP port numbers where the traffic is being created.

It also provides further detailed information about the location of the process, the path of the .exe files, the remote IP address of the machine whereto the process is connected and the name of that machine. The program minimizes to the system tray and notifies the user when traffic starts building up, and about the traffic and its magnitude. It can also export the information about the network traffic to an Excel sheet or a text file.

The program is distributed as shareware and is very small in size, about 2354kb. But it can only be used on windows XP SP2, server 2003 or Vista. It does not support other operating systems. It is based on WinPCap which makes it robust and also Integrates WHOIS client. The software can lead to loss of data or other damage when misused, hence it should be used carefully. It is a very good option for monitoring traffic on LAN and the Internet and also gets statistics for analysis.

Manoj Goel
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  • It is an analytic software, it notifies the user when the traffic increases
  • Exports data to Excel file or a text File
  • It is very small in size and can be downloaded easily
  • Not much efforts for installation and is speedy


  • Supports only windows XP SP 2, server 2003 and Vista
  • Can cause loss of data and damages if not used properly
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